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Screenshot of the first page of the Call-to-Action follow-up tool

World Leaders Call for Action on COVID-19 - Follow-up Actions

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This brochure compiles follow-up actions to the Leaders’ Call to Action which can be used by governments, civil society, external support agencies, private sector, research and learning, and individuals.
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Crosscutting Areas
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SWA - Sanitation and Water for All
Detailed description of Tool

Heads of State, Government, and leaders from United Nations agencies, International Financial Institutions, civil society, private sector and research and learning are mobilizing around a call for the prioritization of water, sanitation and hygiene in the response to COVID-19. The objective of the Call to Action is to bring attention at the highest political level to the importance of water, sanitation, and hygiene as the first line of defence against the spread of COVID-19 and draw attention to its importance to prevent future outbreaks.

Launched in April, 2020, the Call to Action is an advocacy tool and its power and longlasting impact will depend on SWA partners’ capacity to maintain momentum and use it as leverage among decision-makers, especially those in government. The follow-up actions suggested include: 

  1. How everyone can use the Call to Action (government, civil society, external support agencies, private sector, research and learning, individuals, etc.)
  2. Actions to take if your government has not yet endorsed the Call to Action
  3. Actions to take if your government has already endorsed the Call to Action
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