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Sector Policy/Strategy
Covershot of the Risk Assessments and WASH Tool

Risk Assessments for WASH

Year of publication:
This tool and its proposed methodology set out an approach for conducting risk assessments for the WASH sector covering a wide range of hazard groups affecting the sector, as well as climate related risks in more detail. The tool is a resource for the WASH sector as a whole. While it focuses primarily on rural WASH services encompassing small-scale and community systems, the approach can be applied to both rural and urban settings.
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Sector Policy/Strategy
Crosscutting Areas
Both national and subnational
Both urban and rural
Organization responsible for the tool
UNICEF - United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund
Detailed description of Tool

This Tool and its accompanying Guidance Note is part of the Strategic Framework for WASH Climate Resilient Development, produced under a collaboration between the Global Water Partnership (GWP) and UNICEF.

This Tool and its Guidance Note can be used either in support of a wider multi-sector analysis, or to produce a standalone assessment for the WASH sector. The risk assessments for the WASH sector comprise two parts:

- The first part is a high-level assessment for risks across all types of hazards.
- The second part is a detailed assessment for climate-specific risks

The Guidance Note helps the tool users to assess hazard, exposure, vulnerability and capacity and bring these together to provide an overall scoring of risks. The following risk formula is used:

Risk = Hazard x Exposure x Vulnerability

Capacity is not used in the equation, but assessed separately to help prioritise risks for identifying resilient options.

The target audience is the same as the Strategic Framework. It includes government planners, decision-makers and practitioners responsible for WASH services provision at national, sub-national and local levels, and their associated WASH development partners. The Guidance Note is primarily aimed at the national level; however, the approach is flexible enough to use at sub-national levels if required. (Click the download PDF button to see the guidance note)

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