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Making Rights Real (MRR)

Year of publication:
MRR is an approach that enables civil society organisations to engage local government officials on systemic challenges to the realisation of water and sanitation services for all, using human rights.
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Both urban and rural
Afan Oromo
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WASH United
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The MRR approach can be used by anyone who works with local government on improving water and sanitation services. The approach has been developed together by experts on human rights, WASH and communication with the aim of making human rights useable in practice almost anywhere. Making Rights Real translates human rights concepts in such a way that they become relevant in local government processes that are common in many countries. This enables WASH practitioners who work with local government to apply Making Rights Real to their local context.

The MRR approach consists of:

  1. A 3-piece set of materials for use by civil society organisations with local government officials to engage in a conversation on how to overcome systemic challenges to the realisation of services for all. These include: 

    > The Pocket Guide – basic thoughts and principles
    > The Manual – applying principles in practice
    > The Journey – the process at a glance

  2. A suggested process to support civil society organisations in structuring the engagement with local government officials.
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