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Sector Financing
IRC WASH Costing and Budgeting Tools

IRC WASH Costing and Budgeting Tools

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The tools have been developed by IRC, Water for People and Aguaconsult. They build on Water for People’s “Everyone Forever” programme and IRC’s work on life-cycle costing and financing of sustainable water and sanitation services.
This set of 4 WASH costing and budgeting tools aims to help analyse costs and create a financial overview at the district level.

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Sector Financing
Both urban and rural
Organization responsible for the tool
IRC - International Water and Sanitation Centre
Water for People
Detailed description of Tool

This set of tools is developed to support district authorities in planning and budgeting for sustainable water services in their district or municipality (or organisations supporting these authorities). To provide sustainable water services for the entire population in districts, it is important that all costs related to service delivery are taken into account. This includes costs for implementation of infrastructure, costs for operation and maintenance, costs related to administration and costs to replace the infrastructure. All these costs need to be financed. And the finances need to be planned. These tools help you to analyse costs related to each category and create a financial overview for your district.

  • The Asset Registry Assessment Tool helps you to plan for rehabilitation and other capital maintenance expenditure, based on the data you enter on the state of the infrastructure in your district. It tells you which water systems are at risk and which components you should consider replacing or maintaining.
  • The Cash Flow Analysis Tool can be used to analyse cash flows of service providers. This tool helps you to create an overview of your income and expenditure for the coming years and to analyse if you have enough resources to cover your costs and, if not, which elements in your planning you should adapt.
  • With the Direct Support Cost Tool you can calculate i) the actual direct support expenditure per person, ii) the required direct support costs per person, and iii) the gap between the actual and required direct support expenditure per person in your district.
  • With the Financial Overview Tool you can create an overview of your revenue and expenditure at the service authority level (i.e. district as a whole). You can calculate the gap between actual and required revenue and expenditure and analyse the various expenditure components and revenue streams.


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