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Sector Financing
Financing for Water and Sanitation a Primer for Practitioners and Students in Developing Countries

Financing for Water and Sanitation: a Primer for Practitioners and Students in Developing Countries

Year of publication:
This Primer offers a non-technical introduction to financing for water and sanitation in developing countries.

Building block(s)
Sector Financing
Capacity Development
Both national and subnational
Both urban and rural
Organization responsible for the tool
EUWI - EU Water Initiative
Detailed description of Tool

Published in 2011 by the EU Water Initiatvie (EUWI) Finance Working Group, the report "Water and Sanitation: a Primer for Practitioners and Students in Developing Countries" aims to offer general guidance relevant to financing all major parts of the “water sector” and sanitation. This includes key parts of governance, resource management, flood control, quality and pollution control and ecological services, as well as the familiar water services such as for households, farmers, hydropower producers, industries, etc.

Obviously, these various functions and services have distinctive features relevant to their financing, which cannot be properly dealt with in a report of this length and generality. Although the Primer is biased towards the most familiar realm of household water supply and sanitation, the text includes examples that reflect the greater breadth of this topic.

Target readers for the Primer are practitioners in developing countries – politicians, officials, professionals, private business people, members of civil society organisations and laypersons – involved in different ways in providing the infrastructure and services for water and sanitation. It is also aimed at students needing a compact introduction to this topic.

A Glossary of frequently used terms is included as Annex A and list of useful websites and written material is given in Annex B.

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