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SWA's COVID-19 & WASH Trello board

COVID-19 and Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) Communication Toolkit

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This collection of communications materials serves as way for organizations and individuals to share key policy messages on COVID-19 and WASH through professionally developed graphics and other materials at no cost. The materials are designed to be used online: website, social media, emailing or on any digital platform.
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SWA - Sanitation and Water for All
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Since March 2020, the Sanitation and Water for All (SWA) Secretariat has been developing and compiling a series of communications materials to help its partners and beyond with the promotion of key messages related to COVID-19 and WASH in a visually appealing and strategic way, aligned with science and SWA's WASH policy recommendations. The growing list or resources includes, for example:

Below is an example of an illustration designed for social media:

Illustrated card of WASH and COVID for Twitter

The materials are available in English, along with several options in French and Spanish.

Click on the "Go to Website" link below to see the entire collection on SWA's COVID-19 and WASH Communication Toolkit.

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Crosscutting Areas
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