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Screenshot of SWA's 10 year celebrating Human Rights to Water and Sanitation Trello board

10-year Anniversary of the Human Rights to Water and Sanitation Communication Toolkit

Year of publication:
This collection of communications materials celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the human rights to water and sanitation serves as a way for organizations and individuals to share key messages on the principles of the Human Rights to Water and Sanitation. The materials are designed to be used online: website, social media, emailing or on any digital platform.
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SWA - Sanitation and Water for All
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To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the human rights to water and sanitation, the SWA Secretariat has developed and compiled a series of communications materials to help its partners and beyond with the promotion of key messages related to this important milesone. These materials include animated gifs, illustrations, social media banners, and social media cards, among others.

All materials are available in English, French and Spanish.

Here is an example of an animated GIF designed for a social media platforms:

Example of an animated gif related to the 10-year anniversary

Click on "Go to Website" below to see the entire collection.

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