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SWA Tools Portal Overview

Welcome to the SWA Tools Portal!

Looking for a tool to strengthen WASH in your country? To get started, select the Building Block or Action Point you want to explore below. A set of filters will appear. You will be able to narrow down your search by filtering the region/country, scope, subsector, language, and organization.

At any time, you may browse all tools or select another building block by clicking on the appropriate link in the horizontal menu above. You may also use the search box to search by keyword.

Sector Policy/Strategy
  • National Planning for WASH
  • SDG Integration
  • Sector Diagnosis
Institutional Arrangements
  • Coordination Mechanisms
  • Decentralization
  • Legal and regulatory frameworks
Planning Monitoring and Review
  • Accountability and Review Mechanisms
  • Monitoring and Evaluation systems
  • WASH statistical databases
Sector Financing
  • Budgets and expenditure frameworks
  • Explore financial data
  • Financial planning
Capacity Development
  • Needs assessment
  • Quality provision of services
  • WASH learning & training
Crosscutting Areas
  • Advocacy / communications
  • Reduction of inequalities
  • WASH sustainability