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Sudan joined the SWA partnership in 2010. The Government launches the National SDG-6 Plan and commences its implementation to achieve and sustain universal and equitable access to basic WASH services by 2030. The Government is also committed to roll out and fund the National Roadmap to make Sudan Open Defecation Free that targeting the elimination of open defecation by 2022. Through the government led multi stakeholder processes, the WASH stakeholders in Sudan is in the process of establishing the National WASH Sector overall coordination forum to guide and harmonize sector planning, implementation, monitoring and resource mobilization both development and humanitarian contexts.

Commitments by the government

No commitments

Mr. Salah Siddig
Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation
Dr. Tilal
Federal Ministry of Health
Ms. Hanan El-Amin Muddathir
Environmental Initiative for Sustainable Development

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