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Mongolia joined SWA in 2010. The Ministry of Construction and Urban Development is responsible for managing and coordinating the policy development and implementation and setting WASH targets and standards, evaluating and enforcing performance. The Water Service Regulatory Commission, local, district and sub-district governments, service providers and civil society also play key roles in the sector. National and local organizations are collaborating with international organizations for standard and project development and implementation. Some of the key priority areas include protecting water resources, prevent water shortage, increase drinking water supply that meets health standards and improve the availibility of sanitation and hygiene facilities.

Commitments by the government

Progress Report April 2020

Ensure achieving the national WASH targets, set by the Mongolia Sustainable Development Vision-2030, with more focus on achieving 80% target for safely managed drinking water and 40% target for safely managed sanitation and hygiene facilities by 2020.
Reviewing progress
Mr. Galbadrakh Erdenetsetseg
Ministry of Health


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