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Honduras joined SWA in 2017.

Commitments by the government

Progress Report April 2020

Ensure the institutional framework established in the Drinking Water and Sanitation Sector Framework Law for effective sectoral and intersectoral coordination among actors in the sector at all levels (central government, local governments, civil society organizations, cooperation partners and private enterprise) and that their actions directly contribute to achieving the targets of SDG 6, without leaving anyone behind in terms of access to drinking water, sanitation and hygiene services.
Reviewing progress
Make progress with the national system for monitoring compliance with the targets of SDG 6 and reduce gaps by incorporating and strengthening the strategic systems for information, regulation and control, such as the existing Rural Water and Sanitation Information System (SIASAR) and the Regulatory Information System (SIRAP) in the sector.
Reviewing progress
Promote financing mechanisms to address the priority measures in the National Drinking Water and Sanitation Plan up to 2022, including implementation of the National Water and Sanitation Fund (FONASAN), as defined in the Sectoral Financial Policy, to ensure sufficient resources to meet the targets of SDG 6 and reduce inequalities.
Reviewing progress
Mr. Miguel Arnoldo Caraccioli Meléndez
Regulatory Body for Drinking Water and Sanitation Services (ERSAPS)
Omar Nuñez

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