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The Gambia

The Gambia joined SWA in 2013. In line with the SWA collaborative behaviours, a strong emphasis to strengthen Government systems has been the core priority of all stakeholders in the Gambia. Planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of WASH programs in the country are channelled and led by Government structures both at National, Regional and community level through a participatory process and working together with development partners in the sector.

Commitments by the government

Progress Report April 2020

To increase proportion of The Gambian population with access to improved sanitation facilities from 64.9% to 75% by 2021
Reviewing progress
To increase the proportion of households with a place for handwashing with soap and water from 30.3% to 60% (Urban) and from 26% to 50% (Rural) by December 2021.
Reviewing progress
To increase the proportion of population in The Gambia with access to safe drinking water from 89.6% to 100% by 2021.
Reviewing progress
Mr. Bolong Jobarteh
Ministry of Health and Social Welfare
Joseph Bongay
Young Volunteers for the Environment
Civil Society


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