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Benin joined SWA in 2010. Benin identified the following 3 commitments for achieving SDG6:

1) Adopt national strategies on promotion of hygiene and basic sanitation in rural, urban and peri-urban areas, as well as the national strategy on drinking water supply in rural areas 2017 - 2030;

2) Establish a national agency on water quality; and

3) Commission studies on inequalities in the WASH sector and draw an action plan to address the problems identified.

Moreover, the country intends to 4) constitute an inter ministerial committee to explore innovative financing for WASH and 5) place more importance on the hygiene, basic sanitation and wastewater management sub-sectors.

Commitments by the government

Progress Report April 2020

Adoption of the National Strategy for Promotion of Hygiene and Basic Sanitation 2018–2030 in rural, urban and suburban areas and the National Strategy for Rural Water Supply 2017–2030 by the Council of Ministers before the end of the first half of 2019.
Reviewing progress
Establish a water quality monitoring agency by mid-2019.
Reviewing progress
Submit requests to the technical and financial partners for studies to provide better data on inequalities in the drinking water supply, hygiene and basic sanitation sector and develop an action plan to address these identified issues, by the end of the second half of 2019.
Reviewing progress
Mr. Pie Djivo
Ministry of Health
Andre Zogo
Benin Water Partnership


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