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World Water Day: SWA partnership welcomes new UNICEF report on water crisis

22 Mar 2017

UNICEF report 2

The SWA partnership welcomes a new report from partner Unicef, on World Water Day (22 March). The Report highlights how the world is on the brink of a deadly crisis, as the combination of increased demand and climate change creates a dangerous outlook:

By 2040, a quarter of the world’s children, almost 600 million, will live in areas with extremely limited water resources.

  • A major factor will be a global increase in demand for water, driven largely by industrialization, population growth, demographic shifts, food production and increased consumption.
  • In many of the regions projected to be hit hardest, we are already witnessing a water crisis unfolding.

UNICEF reports how one of the most effective ways to protect children in the face of climate change is to safeguard their access to safe water and sanitation. Its report shares a series of solutions, policy responses and case studies from its work around the world.

Read the Report here.