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Swaziland celebrates joining SWA

10 Oct 2017

The Hon. Jabulile Mashwama, Minister for Natural Resources and Energy of Swaziland, officially commemorated the country’s joining the SWA partnership in a ceremony that involved national and local authorities and other development partners.

In her speech Minister Mashwama said that, “the country feels greatly honoured to be a member of this rich and diverse institution with multiple gains for the benefit of the people of Swaziland.”

The commemoration took place in Hluthi, a small town where most of the population still rely on unprotected springs, which are unsafe. To mark the occasion, Minister Mashwama committed to ensure the availability of potable water to support the community. As she spoke, teams were already busy clearing a site where a community borehole will be drilled. This source will avail water to be pumped to an elevated reservoir for reticulation to the community. Inspired by SWA principles, the Ministry is working in collaboration with other partners on this project. The government is also actively preparing for it’s next Joint Sector Review to assess progress and together seek to address the bottlenecks that can impede progress.

> Download Minister Mashwama’s full speech.