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SWA’s response to COVID-19: immediate actions and support to partners

Sanitation and Water for All Secretariat
27 Mar 2020

During this global crisis, we want to continue supporting partners everywhere in the best way we can. Below you will find very practical ways in which SWA’s convening power, contact networks and information channels are made available to support our partners.

A platform for exchange and dialogue on COVID-19 and water, sanitation and hygiene

  • We started a webinar series focusing on COVID-19 and water, sanitation and hygiene. We’ll hear from different countries about what they’re doing terms of preparedness, coordination, information sharing and how they’re integrating WASH in the wider response. These webinars will deal with topics of global interest (as political prioritization of water, sanitation and hygiene interventions, finance, or inequalities), as well as with more technical topics. Recordings of the webinars are available here.
  • We’re making our communication platforms available to all partners who want to do further peer to peer connections. If you need support in organizing online meetings (Skype for Business, Zoom), please contact the Secretariat.

Supporting and amplifying important public health messages

  • We’re reaching out to networks of journalists around the world to offer financial and technical support in the development of content around COVID-19 prevention. This includes radio shows, printed materials, and other communication strategies.
  • We’re amplifying messages from WHO, UNICEF, and other expert organizations through our communications channels and among our tens of thousands of followers. Follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and YouTube

Source of resources on COVID-19 and WASH

  • We’ve developed a COVID-19 page on SWA’s website where we’ll compile different resources and tools around COVID-19 and WASH. This will include documents, videos, social media materials with message on public health, webinar recordings, etc.
  • We will use the wider SWA network to capture and share the experiences of key people that are in the front line and those that have experience dealing with similar situations in the past.

It is also our duty to continue the important work SWA’s partners were doing before the crisis and had planned for the future. We will be flexible and realistic about how our plans may be affected in this important year but we’re working to deliver on both fronts . SWA’s Secretariat is fully operational. Even if under different formats or on different dates, SWA’s work will continue.

Thank you once again to our partners, especially those of the front line of the fight against COVID-19, in hospital, governments and communities, that are working tirelessly to help and protect us all.