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SWA launches the 2016 Annual Report

15 May 2017

The 2016 Annual Report offers a look back at the partnership’s last calendar year, including SWA’s main successes and plans for the future.

“I have benefited from interactions with SWA donor partners, where we have explored options together for better use of aid, and with recipient countries, who have outlined the challenges associated with using development assistance in ways that best support their national SWA launches the 2016 Annual Report at the High-level Meetings. Together, we have sought agreement—in-line with the SWA Collaborative Behaviors—on how to work better together. It has been a rich and fulfilling year of engagement with SWA. In the year ahead my focus will be on action on-the-ground.” The Hon. Kevin Rudd, Chair SWA

“In 2016, SWA gained 58 new partners – the largest growth since the partnership’s creation – and expanded into new areas of the world with Brazil, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Jordan, the Maldives, Morocco, Norway and Portugal joining the partnership, along with new civil society, research and learning, and private sector partners from across the world.” Ms. Catarina de Albuquerque, SWA Executive Chair