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SWA delegation WWF discusses human rights, inequalities

04 Apr 2018

The 8th edition of the World Water Forum, the largest water related event in the world, took place in Brasilia from 18-23 March, gathering government representatives, water experts and civil society members among other stakeholders. An SWA delegation led by Ms. Catarina de Albuquerque, SWA’s Executive Chair, participated in this forum and co-convened four events attracting a large number of participants.

Ms. de Albuquerque, participated as a speaker or moderator in several other sessions, putting strong emphasis on the need of addressing the financial gap, the importance of targeting universal access, and the necessity of putting in place strong building blocks to achieve SDG6. The recurrent leitmotiv at this forum was, without any doubt, ‘leave no one behind’ as universal access is a key element of the SDGs and is at the forefront of SWA's vision.

The SWA delegation had the opportunity to engage with a variety of stakeholders during the week, including SWA partners and Focal Points. The new SWA Mutual Accountability Mechanism was presented at this occasion by Ms. Virginia Roaf, SWA’s Senior Advisor, engaging key players from the water and sanitation sector as well as SWA partners from several constituencies.


Please find below a complete list of sessions the SWA delegation participated in.

1. High-Level Session: Blue Peace - From Recommendations to Action

2. Ministerial High Level Roundtable: Finance

3. Thematic Session: Realizing the Human Right to Sanitation

4. Thematic Session: Addressing the Sanitation Gap

5. Thematic Session: Multi-stakeholder Dialogue & SDGs

6. Special Session: Urban Poverty and Water

7. Thematic Session: Putting in place the necessary building blocks to reach Sanitation for All

8. Thematic Session: Public Policies for realising the SDGs and the human rights to water and sanitation

9. Thematic Session: Safe Water - What still needs to be done for improved WASH facilities and prevention of waterborne diseases?

10. Thematic Session: Synergies beyond SDG 6 - access to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene for improved nutrition and public health

11. Thematic Session: Public vs Private Services Provision

12. Human Right to Water

13. Closed session for partners on the operationalization of the SWA Mutual Accountability Mechanism


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