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SWA at the Kampala WASH Symposium

16 Jun 2016


How can SWA’s Collaborative Behaviours Support a Whole System Approach?

Led by WaterAid, USAID and UNICEF on behalf of SWA

On Thursday June 23, SWA partners WaterAid, USAID and UNICEF convened a roundtable discussion on the sidelines of theKampala WASH Symposium to explore how the SWA Collaborative Behaviours can support a whole systems approach.

Representatives from NGOs and development partners shared experiences of changing the way they work to ensure their behaviour supports long term sector performance and sustainability. Participants also discussed the challenges, incentives and structures - both within their own organisations and the wider environment - that can sometimes limit their ability to behave in the most effective and collaborative way. In particular, participants highlighted the difficulty of ensuring the processes, structures and funding that shape our work keep pace with the evolution of our thinking, and are supportive of our commitment to a system wide approach. The Collaborative Behaviours were welcomed as providing a framework to help tackle these challenges.

This event was part of the Kampala WASH Symposium, which brought together governments, donors, researchers, and practitioners to explore how to drive whole-system change and support the building of robust national systems at scale capable of providing universal access.

More information about the Collaborative behaviours