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Save the Date: SWA webinar on Mutual Accountability Mechanism

22 Jul 2018

On 25 and 26 July, SWA is hosting a webinar to discuss the newly updated SWA Mutual Accountability Mechanism. This will be an opportunity to understand what the updated mechanism is about and the the role organizations can play in its implementation.


Wednesday, 25 July at 00:01 in NY / 11:01 in Bangkok in English

Wednesday, 25 July at 09:00 in NY / 16:00 in Nairobi in English

Thursday, 26 July at 09:00 in NY / 13:00 in Dakar in French

Thursday, 26 July at 12:00 in NY / 11:00 in Mexico City in Spanish


Accountability is a key aspect of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and success on the water, sanitation and hygiene targets largely depends on how all stakeholders will hold each other to account for progress. Accountability has always been a central part of SWA's work, it is a guiding principle understood as a collective, multi-stakeholder activity.

The updated Mutual Accountability Mechanism provides an opportunity for all SWA partners to work through government-led processes and together identify joint priorities, agree commitments to drive progress and align their work behind the government plans and priorities.