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Open Call to Partners: Hosting SWA Regional Advisers

26 Jan 2018

SWA’s Steering Committee (SC) decided to appoint Regional Advisers with the task of mobilizing the SWA partnership at country level within three regions - Africa, Asia and Latin America.

SWA is now inviting partners to answer an Open Call to Host the SWA Regional Advisers.

This will be a competitive process on the basis of which a small SC sub-group will choose a host organization per region. The group will be guided by the criteria you will find in this document, namely:

  • Continental or region-wide presence and/or influence;
  • Capacity to attract senior candidates;
  • Location to facilitate travel;
  • Clear lines of accountability to SWA;
  • Capacity to reach out directly to decision makers in the region;
  • Availability of office resources to support delivery.


The deadline for expressions of interest is 15 March 2018.