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Nigeria kicks-off SMM preparatory process with multi-stakeholder meeting

16 Jan 2019

A sub-group of the Nigeria National Task Group on Sanitation gathered to discuss the country’s contribution to the upcoming Sector Ministers’ Meeting (SMM). True to SWA’s principles of multi-stakeholder decision-making, the gathering had 14 participants representing Government, Civil Society, the Private Sector and other Development Partners.

Commenting of the meeting, Mr. Emmanuel Awe, Director at the Federal Ministry of Water Resources, said “This joint preparation for the SWA Sector Ministers’ Meeting is an opportunity to ensure alignment and coordination between the government and its partners around our national priorities for water, sanitation and hygiene.

The group identified relevant documents and data sources for putting together the Country Brief, which each country will prepare for the April meeting. An initial draft on the Nigerian Country Brief will be discussed at the group’s next meeting at the end of January, and they plan to present it to Minister Suleiman Hussein Adamu by mid-February. The final draft will be presented by Minister Adamu at an inter-ministerial meeting to be held in March.

Nigeria is a Mutual Accountability Mechanism Pioneer Country and the country’s commitments will be an integral part of the Country Brief. These commitments include those made by the government based on Nigeria’s priorities on WASH, as well as those made by development partners including civil society, private sector, external development agencies and research and learning agencies in support of the country’s priorities.