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New Digest Series to Provide Policy Advice For WaSH Decision Makers

14 Sep 2015

The Water Institute at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA) has launched a WaSH Policy Research Digest series to support senior decision makers in the development of effective policy in countries faced with water, sanitation and hygiene challenges.

The Digests are intended to be an easy-to-access knowledge and information resource, helping users navigate the myriad of (often cumbersome, and sometimes conflicting) research journals and publications to extract relevant policy advice. The Digests, published quarterly, are composed of two sections. The first summarizes and explains the significance of recently published research or analysis, highlighting implications for WaSH policy. The second section focuses on one policy-relevant topic with a synthesis of available literature.

The first issue of the WaSH Policy Research Digest is on the challenging topic of sanitation subsidies. The first section, summarizes a study in Bangladesh - "Encouraging sanitation investment in the developing world: a cluster-randomized trial" (Guiteras, Levinsohn and Mobarak, 2015) - where the use of vouchers to provide subsidies for latrine construction yielded positive results. The other literature considered suggests that success in using subsidies is highly context specific, and that policy-makers should exercise caution, and consider a range of models.

Download WaSH Policy Research Digest #1: Sanitation Subsidies here.

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