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New blog: SDGs Require a Strong Common Advocacy Agenda from East Africa CSOs

Sanitation and Water for All Secretariat
18 Jan 2018

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This is particularly true today when countries such as Zambia are experiencing cholera outbreaks or when Kenyan organizations are fighting together to influence the water bill.

East Africa regroups strong Water and Sanitation Civil Society Organisations from Kenya (KEWASNET), Tanzania (TEWASNET), Malawi (WESNET), Zambia (Zambia WASH Forum) and others. These organisations play an important role in engaging with their governments, local authorities and community based organisations to make sure that the human rights to water and sanitation are implemented and that people are aware and engage in water and sanitation policies.

On the 27-29 of November 2017, SWA, the African Civil Society Network for Water and Sanitation (ANEW), the Watershed programme, and End Water Poverty held a workshop in Kenya. The aim of the meeting was to go over challenges and opportunities for joint action in the sub region to influence the implementation of the sustainable development goals.

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