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Looking for a tool to strengthen water, sanitation and hygiene in your country? SWA has a Tools Portal! 

Sanitation and Water for All Secretariat
09 Sep 2020

The SWA Tools Portal is a service conceived and launched by the Country Process Working Group within the partnership in 2018. The Tools Portal has been developed to support governments and its development partners to put SWA principles and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) Building Blocks into action. These tools and resources exist to help national governments strengthen the enabling environment for WASH. There are several useful tools and resources on WASH, however, these are not always easy to find or navigate, therefore the portal aims to make such tools and resources visible, accessible, easier to navigate all in one place.  
The portal currently houses 50 tools from diverse organizations comprising of Civil Society, Private Sector and External Support Agencies - including both SWA partners and non-partners. The tools are organized according to five SWA Building Blocks, as well an additional category called “Crosscutting Areas”, which include tools related to sustainability, advocacy and the reduction of inequalities. Short descriptions for all tools are available in English, French and Spanish. The tools portal has three main components:  

  1. An easily searchable and constantly growing database of tools with links and brief descriptions that can be filtered by the SWA building blocks. Additional filters include scope – national/sub-national; subsector - urban /rural; language; and organization. 
  2. The ability for tool developers to upload the descriptions of their tool(s), as well as publications related to the implementation of their tool(s) using a web interface (with SWA Secretariat quality control for categorization and making sure it meets criteria) 
  3. The ability for tool users to review the tools using a web interface to share information among other users, and to help tool developers ensure their tools meet the needs of users. 
Tools Portal


The SWA secretariat recently ran an online survey to determine if stakeholders in the WASH sector thought a Tools Portal is an interesting and important drop-in-the bucket toward achieving SDG 6.1 and 6.2. The survey also asked if they thought it was appropriate for the Secretariat to manage such a Tools Portal, as well as their level of familiarity with the SWA Tools Portal. Respondents overwhelmingly indicated positive to all questions – except their level of familiarity with the SWA Tools Portal -most answering they were only slightly familiar.  

We, therefore, encourage you to visit the SWA Tools Portal now to explore, learn, share and/or make your contribution!