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Introducing COVID-19 Hygiene Hub

Joanna EstevesMills, CEO, SHARE Research Consortium, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
22 Jun 2020

Simple hygiene practices are one of the most effective measures to reduce transmission of COVID-19. However, hygiene habits and policies vary greatly around the world. 

Deciding how best to encourage these practices in different settings is complicated, especially in the context of a fast-evolving pandemic where time is limited and lives are at risk. It can be challenging for governments and organisations to share and access lessons learned from others, and to access the best available evidence. 

These issues were the catalyst for the ‘COVID-19 Hygiene Hub’ - a new online platform partnership to support the development and execution of effective hygiene strategies against the novel coronavirus in homes, schools and healthcare facilities. The Hygiene Hub links up organisations working on hygiene promotion in response to COVID-19 to share experiences and learnings and connects them to a panel of technical advisors drawn from across the globe.

Whether it aids timely design of evidence-based interventions, or adaptation of existing ones, the hub brings together governments, international agencies, NGOs and leading public health experts from across the world to share information and expertise. 

The COVID-19 Hygiene Hub is hosted by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine in collaboration with leading international agencies, such as the World Health Organization, Unicef and the World Bank, and diverse academic and operational partners across the world, including the Centre for Affordable Water & Sanitation Technology (CAWST).

In partnership with the Global WASH Cluster, COVID-19 Hygiene Hub hosted a webinar to provide an overview of the platform and discuss ways of working with its global network of partners. Listen to the recordings in English, Spanish and French.

The COVID-19 Hygiene Hub is a free service to help actors in low- and middle-income (LMIC) countries rapidly share, design, and adapt evidence-based hygiene interventions to combat COVID-19. It works to connect organisations working on prevention of COVID-19 transmission, including through hand-washing, physical distancing and shielding, and links these organisations to technical advisors where relevant. It also provides access to a searchable set of resources which summarise current evidence and guidelines and make practical recommendations for crisis-affected or LMIC settings. If you’d like to receive the weekly news bulletin, email at The news bulletin offers an update on common enquiries received, new resources that have gone up on our website each week, as well as upcoming webinars. For any questions, contact the Hygiene Hub through or connect with technical advisors in real-time via the chat function on the website.