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India joins SWA

24 Jan 2019

SWA is pleased to announce its newest partner country, India, which will be represented at the SWA by the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation. This means that all countries in the South Asia region are now SWA partners. The SWA now has 63 partner countries.

India recently organized the Mahatma Gandhi International Sanitation Convention (MGISC), in October 2018, which showcased the country’s progress in the area of sanitation. The summary report of the MGISC has been made available recently. SWA participated in the MGISC and alongside the main event, the SWA and the Toilet Board Coalition co-organized a round-table discussion of sanitation business leaders “Beyond CSR: Transformation to the Sanitation Economy”.

Following the MGISC, the SWA Chair, the Honorable Kevin Rudd, convened a Consultation of the Ministers of SWA Partner countries attending the MGISC. The full report of these events is now available, entitled “Analytical report – Sanitation Week in India in September-October 2018”.

SWA is looking forward to the participation of the Government of India and continued mobilization of partners in the country towards government-led processes aimed at achieving the common vision of sanitation, hygiene and water for all, always and everywhere.