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How are 37 countries applying the Collaborative Behaviours?

24 Apr 2018

SWA just published Country Profiles for 37 of its partners countries. The Country Profiles were developed using data from sources such as GLAAS, PEFA and OECD-CRS and provide an overview of how both governments and development partners are applying SWA’s Collaborative Behaviours.

Partners are encouraged to use these profiles to deepen dialogue at country level, identify practices to improve synergies, agree on the changes they would like to work towards and the actions to be undertaken to achieve them. Furthermore, these profiles play a critical role in advocacy and accountability to all partners to each other but also to the general public.

The SWA Secretariat has organized a webinar for partners to discuss how they can take advantage of these profiles. Please find more information here or download brochure "How to use the Collaborative Behaviours Country Profiles".

CB profile