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Announcing the 2020 SWA Steering Committee Elections

Sanitation and Water for All Secretariat
31 Aug 2020

SWA will run elections in September 2020 to select some new Steering Committee members. The elections will take place in accordance with SWA Governance Document, which calls for elections every 18 months. Each Steering Committee member is elected for three years, renewable once for a second term.

The number of seats by constituencies up for elections in September 2020:

  • Civil Society Organizations:
  • East Asia and the Pacific:
  • Eastern and Southern Africa:
  • External Support Agencies: 2
  • Latin America and the Caribbean: 
  • The Middle East and North Africa: 
  • Research and Learning: 
  • South Asia:
  • West and Central Africa:

The Call for nominations will be issued on September 4. Partners from the concerned constituencies will have the option to nominate their own organization/government, or another in their constituency by September 11. 

The 2020 elections will take place according to the timeline below: 

  1. Call for nominations by constituency: Issued on 4 September, 2020. Closes on 11 September, 2020 
  2. Information assembled on all candidates and voting software program is set up: by 15 September, 2020 
  3. Nominated candidates share information about their candidature: 16 – 21 September, 2020
  4. Voting period: 22 – 30 September, 2020
  5. Announcement of election results: by 5 October, 2020 
  6. Elected Partners appoint SC Members: by 9 October, 2020 
  7. Full SC announced: 15 October, 2020 
  8. Induction for new members: December SC Meeting