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Are you a tool developer or author of a case study or report relevant to strengthening WASH?

You are welcome to add your tool using the form below. But please first check if it meets our criteria. For a WASH tool to be included in this Portal, it must:

  1. Focus on WASH “software” – policies, processes and techniques that help strengthen the WASH enabling environment (upstream). It does not include tools for the implementation of WASH hardware or infrastructure (downstream). 
  2. Be primarily focussed on targets 6.1 (water) and 6.2 (sanitation and hygiene) of the SDGs. Case studies/reports etc. that are related to the MDGs or other SDGs should only be included if they are relevant for learning about implementation of SDG6.1 or 6.2.
  3. Be open source (available for use with no license or purchase fees).

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