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Accelerating WASH Acceleration Tools

Accelerating WASH: Acceleration Tools

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Acceleration-thinking is a method by Water Alliance International that aims toward the achievement of universal access to WASH by 2030. This set of tools for WASH sector development are aimed at sustaining WASH after the Alliance's programmes stop, and accelerating to be able to meet the needs of a growing population.
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Política / Estrategia sectorial
WASH Bottleneck Analysis Tool

WASH Bottleneck Analysis Tool (WASH BAT)

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WASH BAT has been designed as a sector tool for use by governments and development partners for WASH sector strengthening. It enables a systematic identification of factors (or “bottlenecks”) that prevent achievement of sustainable service delivery within national or subnational WASH targets and helps stakeholders to define activities aimed at removing the root causes of these bottlenecks.

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