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Save-the-date: webinar on financing sanitation target of SDG

17 Oct 2017

The next installment of the SWA webinar series will focus on financing the sanitation target of the Sustainable Development Goals and will take place on 24 and 26 October. Please mark your calendars for the time and date which best suits your operations and time zone.

English: Tue, 24 Oct at 00:01 in NY / 11:00 in Bangkok
English: Tue, 24 Oct at 09:00 in NY / 16:00 in Nairobi
French: Thu, 26 Oct at 09:00 in NY / 13:00 in Dakar
Spanish: Thu, 26 Oct at 12:00 in NY / 11:00 in Mexico City

To join, please follow this link or use the local phone numbers and conference ID below:

United States: +16467571480 (Global) English (United States)
Switzerland: +41225083200 (Global) English (United States)
Hungary: +3617909400 (Global) English (United States)
United Kingdom: +443300102423 (Global) English (United Kingdom)
Jordan: +96265509679 (Global) Arabic (Saudi Arabia)
Panama: +5073017399 (Global) English (United States)
Cambodia: +85523260206 (Global) English (United Kingdom)
South Africa: +27879403508 (Global) English (United Kingdom)
Bulgaria: +35924928220 (Global) English (United Kingdom)
Denmark: +4578793993 (Global) English (United States)
France: +33176542732 (Global) French (France)
Netherlands: +31705680050 (Global) English (United States)
Australia: +61730628687 (Global) English (Australia)
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Conference ID: 9836684