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Significant progress on more than half of commitments made at 2014 HLM

22 Mar 2017

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Thirty-eight of the 43 countries and all 12 external support agencies reported back for the last time on the commitments made at the SWA 2014 High-level Meeting. The global report was just published by SWA, with these main conclusions:

  • Significant progress reported on almost half of the country commitments. Donors report significant progress on 80% of all commitments made.
  • Countries reported significant success towards commitments relating to coordination and alignment, and to the development and enhancement of national policies and plans.
  • Countries reported slow or no progress on 68% of their commitments relating to financing.
  • Donors have been particularly successful in completing commitments relating to political prioritization, specifically in increasing financing and visibility of water and sanitation.
  • Significant progress is reported on half of the commitments related to the 2014 HLM themes of sustainability and inequality.

SWA partners attending the High-level Meeting made a total of 383 commitments, to eliminate inequalities, ensure sustainability and remove barriers to progress on water and sanitation services. Forty-three developing countries made 313 commitments, and 12 donor and development agency partners made 70 commitments. These commitments were developed through government-led, consultative processes, often engaging multiple stakeholders. Fifteen of the countries, for instance, reported involving civil society in developing their commitments.

As part of the commitments process, nationally led, country-specific reviews, engaging multiple government agencies and other stakeholders, took stock of progress, reporting on achievements and barriers being faced to the SWA global partnership. The report only refers to reported data, therefore excluding the 64 commitments for which no information was provided.

The 2014 High-level Meeting was held in April 2014 in Washington, D.C., bringing together 21 ministers of finance, 35 ministers responsible for water and sanitation, 16 donors and development agencies (six of them represented by ministers or heads of agencies) and senior representatives of UN agencies, civil society organizations and the private sector.

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