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Sector Policy/Strategy

  • National Planning for WASH The tools and resources in this subcategory will help countries to establish and/or strengthen their water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector or subsector plans, policies and strategies.
  • SDG Integration Tools and resources encouraging the integration of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into WASH sector policy and strategic planning.
  • Sector Diagnosis This subcategory of tools focus on assessing diverse elements of a country’s WASH sector, such as capacities, accountability.

    Institutional Arrangements

    • Coordination Mechanisms Tools that support country driven and inclusive coordination mechanisms that allow for participation of a broad range of stakeholders in dialogue, communication, and identification of mutual interest around service delivery and sector learning.
    • Decentralization

      The tools and resources under this sub-sector help in the identification and allocation of decentralized institutional roles and responsibilities, as well as promoting decentralization commitments.

    • Legal and regulatory frameworks Tools and resources for establishing legal and regulatory frameworks aiming to achieve desired WASH targets, reinforce roles and allocate resources.

      Planning, Monitoring and Review

      • Accountability and Review Mechanisms Tools in this subcategory include guidelines and strategies to promote accountability in the WASH sector, as well as methods for conducting WASH sector reviews. This subsector overlaps with the Subcategory “Sector diagnosis” found under Building block 1: Sector Policy/Strategy.
      • Monitoring and Evaluation systems M&E systems for WASH are methodologies or frameworks for keeping track of WASH services at local, regional or national levels. These systems are often accompanied by indicators, goals and/or targets.
      • WASH statistical databases Tools and resources listed under this subcategory are statistical databases that contain WASH data for consultation and/or that WASH practitioners can add to. Such data may include statistics on WASH consumption, service levels, efficiency, etc.

        Sector Financing

        • Budgets and expenditure frameworks ‘Budgets and Expenditure frameworks’ are tools that help countries plan how much money is needed for WASH services and where.
        • Explore financial data Tools in this subcategory enable tracking and exploring how much is allocated and spent out in the WASH sector.
        • Financial planning These tools aim to help countries understand how to raise funds for the WASH sector from different sources.

          Capacity Development

          • Needs assessment Tools and resources that identify any gaps within the national, regional or local WASH sector in terms of knowledge, skills, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, assets and other elements required for them to achieve the pre-specified objectives.
          • Quality provision of services This subcategory contains Tools and resources that aim to build the capacity of institutions to fulfill sector roles and responsibilities for quality service delivery at scale.
          • WASH learning & training Tools and resources that provide free, online training or resource databases for WASH sector strengthening and capacity development.

            Crosscutting Areas

            • Advocacy / communications WASH advocacy / communications encompasses work undertaken by development agencies, civil society groups, and individuals to bring about positive change. Tools and resources in this section include those for raising awareness at the grassroots level and with key influence's, creating or reforming policies, and encouraging the effective implementation of those policies.
            • Reduction of inequalities Tools and resources that address the blockages and barriers that cause exclusion from water, sanitation and hygiene by using approaches that contribute to the reduction of these inequalities.
            • WASH sustainability Tools that help WASH decision-makers and practitioners ensure that their policies and activities will result in long term benefits to the environment and communities living in it.