Submit an implementation report

Reports or case studies of a tool’s implementation can be very useful to explain how a tool works and what its outcomes look like. Submitting a tool implementation report to the SWA tools portal can be done in 3 easy steps. 

All tool reviews submitted will be vetted by the SWA Tools Portal Administrator before being released onto the Portal.

How to submit an implementation report: 

  • Search for and select the tool for which you have the report.
  • Click the tab “Implementation report” just below the social media icons in the tool description page. See the location on the WASH BAT tool below. This is the same for all tools.
  • Scroll down, filling out the form fields that will appear and click “Submit”.

Screenshot showing where to click to add an implementation report

Note: If you have used any of the tools in the portal, you may also submit a brief review of your (or your organization’s) experience with the tool – click here to see how to submit a tool review.