Burkina Faso

Commitments from the 2014 High Level Meeting

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Progress Overview

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Political Prioritization


Evidence-Based Decision Making


Country Processes


Progress Status

Priority Area


  • Progress:

  • Completed

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  • Good Progress

  • Slow Progress

  • Major Barriers

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Stakeholders involved in developing commitments

  • Ministry of Water and Ministry of Finance

Update Submitted By

  • Name: OUEDRAOGO-BARO Joséphine Amédée: Director General for Water Resources, Directorate General for Sanitation, Waste Water and Excreta

Stakeholders who participated in the progress review

  • OUEDRAOGO-BARO Joséphine Amédée, Executive Director for Water Resources, Executive Directorate for Water Resources, Waste Water and Excreta. PALENFO Fousséni, Director for Sanitation Promotion, Executive Directorate for Sanitation Waste Water and Excreta. MOUGABE KOSLENGAR, WASH Specialist, UNICEF Ouagadougou. KOALGA Saïdou, Researcher in Monitoring & Evaluation studies, Executive Directorate for Water Resources. DIALLO Ousséni, Focal Point