Post-HLM follow-up

SWA 2017 series of webinars aimed at strengthening and sharing on country processes


On 30th and the 31st May 2017, the SWA secretariat organized the first of the new series of webinars after the 2017 High-level Meetings. The webinars are aimed at facilitating discussions on the planning, review and implementation of SDGs, and contributing to ongoing country processes. This series is a key part of the continuum of the High-level Political Dialogue (HLPD) and is aimed at fostering strategic engagements and dialogue which can lead to sustained change and progress.

The first webinar had three objectives: to share the outcomes of the April 2017 High-Level Meetings (HLMs) to countries and partners; discuss suggestions for activities governments and partners at the country level could initiate or strengthen to dialogue on SDG planning, implementation and review; and, finally, hear back from countries regarding their post-HLM follow-up actions and facilitate exchanges with peers from other countries.

Four webinars were organized to ensure maximum participation across different regions and languages. They brought together 100 participants, with 75 in-country individuals from 36 countries, half of which were represented by government officials. There were also participants from other constituencies including private sector, donors, R&L institutions, and international NGOs and NGO coalitions.

The presentations emphasized the continuity of the in-country dialogues and efforts around which partners gather their support. The suggested post-HLM actions are built on two bases: the call to action made by the Chair of the SWA, and the work that countries started or accomplished in the run-up to the HLMs. The SWA Chair’s summary statement issued at the end of the meeting calls on countries to:

Beyond the HLMs draft 2
  1. Develop sector financing strategies
  2. Assess and strengthen the Building Blocks of an effective sector, and improve the efficient use of existing funding
  3. Mainstream disaster prevention and preparedness into sector coordination, policies and financing strategies.


The statement also called on the participants representing other constituencies to support countries in their efforts in line with SWA’s Collaborative Behaviours.

In addition, the Secretariat made suggestions on what countries and partners can do to further catalyse action at country level. Some of the actions include:

  • Continue to with strategic multi-stakeholder dialogue on SDG planning, implementation and review and specifically focusing on the Building Blocks and Collaborative Behaviours
  • Engage relevant actors including ministers of finance and those responsible for water, sanitation and hygiene in regular inter-ministerial dialogues
  • Conduct joint advocacy activities to increase country level political engagement using, among others, budget discussions, and global moments related to water sanitation and hygiene such as Global Handwashing Day, World Toilet Day and the High-level Political Forum in 2018.


Participants highly appreciated the sharing of experiences and plans from nine countries and there was a great demand for further peer networking between countries. For instance, several countries expressed the desire to learn about Ethiopia’s One WASH National programme. There was also a call for experience sharing between countries within specific regions; and, finally, countries facing similar realities asked to learn about each other (notably, the experience in devising and implementing plans within highly federated nations). “The HLMs will only be considered successful if they give impetus to the ongoing dialogue – that is the most exciting and encouraging part”.


Recording of 2017 Post-HLM webinars series


SWA invites all partners to a series of post-HLM webinars aimed at facilitating discussions on the planning, review and implementation of SDGs, and contributing to ongoing country processes.

  • Webinar on HLM Outcomes and follow-up actions in May 2017: summary and main outcomes of the HLMs, and the SWA Chair’s call to action for both countries and other constituencies. Countries and partners will discuss ideas for the follow-up they will undertake to continue with the strategic political and multi-stakeholder engagement on the SDGs.


HLM Outcomes and follow-up actions – May 2017 –  Download the presentation EN / FR / SP


1st Webinar English – SWA HLM Outcomes and possible follow-up actions


2nd Webinar English – SWA HLM Outcomes and possible follow-up actions




Webinaire sur les résultats et le suivi des Réunions de Haut Niveau 2017 du SWA


1st Webinar English – SWA HLM Outcomes and possible follow-up actions (Spanish) 




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