Submitting commitments


The SWA Mutual Accountability Mechanism builds on and reinforces existing national multi-stakeholder planning and review processes. Through this mechanism, all of SWA’s partners are expected to develop commitments, based on national priorities, to be presented at SWA’s global High-level Meetings.

There are different forms for submitting commitments, depending on whether you are submitting commitments as a government, or as an organization working at the national or global level. Please note that all online forms will be transmitted automatically to the SWA database.

To have your commitments presented at the Sector Ministers’ Meeting, please submit your commitments by Wednesday, 20 March.

If you have any problems or questions about making commitments please write to

Key documents

For country commitments made by governments


Governments can either submit an offline or an online form.

Please download and complete the country commitment offline excel and send the form to

NB: When using the form, you can change the language of the form by choosing the appropriate language (English, French or Spanish) from the drop-down menu on the cover sheet

Governments can also electronically submit their commitments here.

For all other constituencies and organizations


Country commitments
If you below to all non-government constituencies and organizations (civil society, research and learning, private sector and external support agencies) working at the country level, please submit electronically here:

Organizations working within a country can collaborate to develop constituency commitments or they can submit commitments as a single organization. This form is to be used for both situations.

Global commitments
Please submit electronically here.