The latest Sector Ministers’ Meeting (SMM)  held in April 2019 in San José, Costa Rica provided the chance for SWA’s partners to table commitments under the Mutual Accountability Mechanism, and most country partners and many other constituency partners took advantage of this opportunity. 48 countries presented 159 commitments, with other partners from external support agencies, civil society, the private sector and research and learning institutions between them making a further 83 commitments at the national level. 18 organizations and networks made commitments at the global level, with 54 commitments made between them.

All commitments made for the 2019 SMM are available below:


Commitments from countries, including from other constituencies






Afghanistan  Honduras Panama
Benin India Paraguay
Bhutan Indonesia Peru
Bolivia Kenya Portugal
Burkina Faso Lao PDR Sierra Leone
Burundi Lesotho Somalia
Cambodia Liberia South Sudan
Cameroon Madagascar Sri Lanka
Central African Republic Malawi Sudan
Chad Maldives Tanzania
Colombia Mali The Gambia
Costa Rica Mauritania Togo
Cote d’Ivoire Mongolia Uganda
Democratic Republic of Congo  Morocco Vietnam
Eritrea Myanmar Zambia
eSwatini Nepal Zimbabwe
Ethiopia Niger  
Ghana Nigeria  
Guinea Pakistan  
Haiti Palestine National  

Commitments from SWA’s global partners


Freshwater Action Network South Asia (FANSA) UNC
DFID – United Kingdom USAID
DGIS – The Netherlands Water for people
Global Handwashing Partnership
IRC WaterAid
NiYEL World Health Organization (WHO)
Private Sector Constituency WSSCC
SDC – Switzeland   

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