2019 Webinar Series

POST SECTOR MINISTERS’ MEETING 2019: Multi-Stakeholder dialogue in action



The new series of webinars will provide continuity of momentum from the Sector Ministers’ Meeting in April 2019, and end with the launch of the preparation for the SWA Finance Ministers’ Meeting to take place in 2020. The webinars continue to focus on the theme of “leave no one behind”.

The SWA webinars provide partners with a platform for dialogue and experience-sharing on planning, implementing and reviewing progress towards the water and sanitation targets of the SDGs. As past series have shown, and as reported by participants, these webinars are a means for countries to learn from one another and from other partner constituencies; they are also an occasion to gather in-country stakeholders around the same table and hold strategic discussions on the progress the sector is making, thereby reinforcing collaborations among partners.

The new webinar series which learns from, and builds upon, previous series including the pre-HLM 2017, 2018, and pre-SMM 2019series, constitutes a key part of the continuum of the High-Level Political Dialogue (HLPD) and contributes to sustain change and progress. This will contribute to making the HLPD a continuous process, while retaining all that the HLMs allow and achieve.



Conversation #4 – Management Information Systems for WASH sector

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Webinar #3 -Financing to eliminate inequalities: Is the sector putting its money where it matters most?

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Webinar #2 – What do the commitments tabled so far tell us and what must be done to achieve them?

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Webinar #1 – Outcomes of the 2019 Sector Ministers’ Meeting and Follow-up Actions 

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Overview of the Preparatory Process – Catarina de Albuquerque, SWA CEO


Before the event, SWA partners will be engaged in a dedicated 6-month preparatory process that includes the joint selection and prioritization of of existing commitments, derived from national plans developed under government leadership. Ministers will be encouraged to table specific commitments developed with in-country partners in line with SWA’s Mutual Accountability Mechanism.

Starting in November 2018, the SWA will facilitate the preparatory process which will build on national processes and dialogues to foster strategic engagement around inequalities, leadership and the financing required to eliminate inequalities.

The main purpose of the preparatory process is to ensure ministers arrive with thorough understanding of (i) the progress their countries have made towards the achievement of national WASH targets and (ii) the extent of inequalities in service provision.

SWA partners, led by governments, will work together to:

  • Strengthen analysis and multi-stakeholder dialogue on the status of the sector regarding leave no one behind, the leadership needed to catalyze progress and the financing required to remove inequalities
  • Build political will and engagement among decision-makers (i.e. sector and finance ministers, and other key decision-makers) to agree the necessary priorities and commitments to eliminate inequalities
  • Jointly select and prioritize existing commitments focusing on those that will improve equality in access to WASH services –this can include or focus on various aspects of the SWA Framework and should be embedded in existing national processes.

The process will make use of SWA’s Mutual Accountability Mechanism, and will be informed with evidence, for example, submitted to GLAAS as part of the 2018/2019 survey.  

Outcomes of the preparatory process will include:

  • A country statement which includes the status of progress with emphasis on inequalities, priorities for the country and, where possible, the commitments jointly agreed by the government and partners; and
  • A ministerial briefing which will include a few slides for the minister’s intervention in ministerial dialogues.

SWA will facilitate follow-up activities to support a continued robust engagement of partners at country, regional and global levels.

Country Briefs

Afghanistan Colombia Madagascar Democratic Republic of the Congo
Benin Eritrea Mali Sierra Leone
Bhutan Eswatini Mongolia South Africa
Burkina Faso Ethiopia Morocco South Sudan
Burundi Ghana Myanmar


Cambodia Guinea Namibia The Gambia


Liberia Nigeria Togo


Costa Rica
Indonesia Panama Zambia


Côte d'Ivoire
Lao PDR Paraguay  


Central African Republic






Webinar #1 – Launching of the 2019 SMM Preparatory Process

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Webinar #2 – Unpacking the Meaning and Implications of Leave No One Behind and How to Use Finance to End Inequalities

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Webinar #3 – Leave No One Behind – Accountability in Action

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>Webinar Summary (Français)(Español)

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Webinar #4 – Final preparations for the Sector Ministers’ Meeting and a closer look at the Ministerial Dialogues

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