Country Story: Uganda

Data, analysis and joint reflection of a range of stakeholders

Over the past ten years, Uganda has evolved a process of data collection, analysis, and joint reflection by a variety of stakeholders allowing for a comprehensive overview of rural water supply developments and challenges. Measurement of the sector’s performance is fully linked to the Government’s planning and budgeting process.

Since 2001, Uganda has, each year, brought together 200 professionals from government, the private sector, civil society organizations and political leadership to discuss efforts to improve water supplies, sanitation and hygiene. Gradually over the years, a single national rural water and sanitation programme has replaced various donor-funded projects. Uganda now uses a Sector Wide Approach with high levels of coordination. Each year, a multi-stakeholder team of professionals prepares an annual Sector Performance Report. The report captures data, geographic inequality, per-capita costs, community management and gender issues for the whole of Uganda. The report is analytical and is used for decision-making, policy formulation and planning.