Country Story: Liberia


Liberia became an SWA Partner at the inaugural SWA HLM in 2010 and requested the engagement of SWA Partners to help accelerate access to WASH, leading to the Liberia-SWA Joint Mission in May 2011.

The backing of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf gave the SWA Joint Mission the high-level political platform it needed to galvanise action and engage the four ministries involved in the sector, alongside SWA partners, the SWA Secretariat and many of Liberia’s development partners as well as those in Ghana.

During the Joint Mission, four areas were identified as major obstacles to progress: institutional issues; service provision priorities and equity of outcomes; data gaps, monitoring and evaluation; and financing mechanisms.

These obstacles became the focus of the Liberia Compact, a two-year plan which provided a clear focus for all stakeholders in the Liberia WASH sector that was drafted and endorsed as a result of the Joint Mission. The Compact has improved coordination and alignment across the WASH sector in Liberia, increasing the effectiveness of program implementation, and consequently greatly increasing optimism about the achievability of the Government of Liberia’s vision for the WASH sector.

Liberia WASH Compact: 2012 Review


“Working together through the Liberia Joint Mission has brought us closer and made us more interdependent, realizing the capacity gaps in human resources…In the past, we had donors and partners. Today, we consider ourselves as development partners with a single voice…The SWA process is a catalyst to our current efforts to bring improvements to the sector.”

– George Yarngo, Assistant Minister, Public Works, Liberia


Vice President of Liberia opens the Joint Sector Review, Liberia 2012

Vice President of Liberia opens the Joint Sector Review, Liberia 2012