Country Processes

Together, SWA partners work to strengthen national planning processes to guide the development and implementation of sustainable sanitation and drinking water services.

SWA aims to serve as a platform for partners to coordinate activities related to national planning processes.  SWA promotes country–led, coordinated multi-stakeholder efforts to strengthen national WASH sector planning, budgeting, investment and accountability frameworks so that money is spent where it is needed and in a way that is most effective.  Evidence suggests that when countries have effective country-led WASH processes, they attract further investment from both domestic and external sources, leading to a ‘virtuous cycle’ of increased capacity, greater investor confidence, increased sector finance and accelerated WASH coverage. 

By bringing together the analysis, the tools, the dialogue, the shared experiences, and the development funding, SWA partners, led by the government, can build an effective sector based on:

1) National leadership and ownership, with clear policies and strategies;
2) Good governance and a clear institutional framework, built for scale;
3) Planning, monitoring and reporting;
4) Financing;
5) Coordination and harmonization;
6) Learning and adaptive management.

National planning is a continuous and interative process of assessment, consultation, decision-making, strategizing, implementation, monitoring and adjustment. Many countries have produced policies or strategies for improved WASH, but unless they are produced through a process that pays attention to how the plans will be implemented, assessed and updated, they can fail to produce results. Obviously, the need to develop the process, as well as necessary instruments, adds complexity to the challenge of improvement. 

SWA’s vision is that countries lead the development of WASH services and are accountable to their citizens. SWA partners are committed to supporting government to develop the ‘building blocks’ of an effective and efficient sector in thematic areas such as policy and strategy, institutional arrangements, sector dialogue and coordination, sector finance, and performance monitoring and reporting. 

Country Processes Task Team

The Country Processes Task Team (CPTT) is a multi-stakeholder group of SWA Partners which coordinates and stimulates SWA partners’ efforts to support country processes, especially in those countries most off-track in relation to MDG targets to improve sanitation and water services. Read more

National Planning and Results Initiative

The CPTT supports the National Planning for Results Initiative (NPRI), which provides a platform for government and development partners to address fragmentation and inefficiency in the sector. Read more