The WASH Revolution Alliance has launched a project called WASHCREDIT in Ghana

By David Livingston Azalekor, Executive Coordinator, Alliance for Water and Sanitation Revolution in Africa

15 Apr, 2016 in Country Processes

The Alliance for Water and Sanitation Revolution works in Africa and is a network of corporate and individual expertise in WASH sector, both profit and non-profit.

The project seeks to directly put water and sanitation in the hands of those who need it most.

Ghana is  the 7th most dirtiest country in the world. Government and large donor interventions have not yielded much results and the project seeks to tackle WASH poverty by going from house to house and doing WASH Marketing. It registers people to be posted on a washcredit web so philanthropists and lenders can lend money through the system so they can provide the service for the households. The same applies to agro processing facilities. Equally, most of the people who actually need such services are not bankable or credit worthy and they are often ignored by conventional loan facilities. 

The WASH Revolution Alliance seeks for technical support and advice to make this a success. They call for Volunteers  to come and join, who can act in the USA and Europe to represent the alliance and  promote this initiative as most lenders come from these regions. They also need WASH Engineers and Social Scientists to join them  in Ghana to support their course to end WASH poverty.