Country commitments give hope for real progress

Ousséni Diallo, Green Cross International Burkina Faso CEO

6 May, 2014 in HLM

The High Level Meeting (HLM) and the Sector Ministers' Meeting (SMM) are the two most important meetings in the process of resolving the sanitation and water crisis that has plagued the world for a long time.  The commitments presented by each country show considerable progress in providing global access to water and sanitation in the last few years.  Without a doubt, from now until 2050, if the governments continue to respect their commitments in the sector of water and sanitation, the world, and especially developing countries, will overcome the serious challenge linked to the crisis of water and sanitation.

I plan on pursuing the actions of SWA and complying with the tasks and responsibilities which have been assigned to the SWA national focal points through the monitoring of the commitments made by the government of Burkina Faso during the 2014 HLM; capacity building with the SWA partnership.  Advocacy actions will also be undertaken with the government based on the SWA strategic development plan.