Submitting commitments under the Mutual Accountability Mechanism

20 Mar, 2019

Make a commitment!


This Sector Ministers’ Meeting provides the first opportunity for countries and partners to table commitments under the Mutual Accountability Mechanism! We hope that in your preparation for the SMM, you have identified your country’s priorities, and have been able to define commitments which you, and your partners, can share with other ministers and participants of the meeting.

All of SWA’s partners of all constituencies are being asked to table commitments under the Mutual Accountability Mechanism. Through this process, you are able to demonstrate what you are putting in place in terms of plans and strategies to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals over the next eleven years, as well as to show how all actors are collaborating to achieve these goals. Unique in the sector, the Mutual Accountability Mechanism requires all stakeholders to stand up and be counted for their contribution to universal access to water and sanitation.

You can make commitments as individual organisations, or as a collective commitment from all partners within your constituency. Please particularly consider making commitments related to the SMM theme, ‘Leave no-one behind’!

Submit your commitments as soon as possible, so that we are able to display them at the SMM.


For countries, please submit your commitments here:

For all other partners, please submit your commitments here:

Further information is available on SWA’s dedicated webpage.

If you have any questions, please write to: