Eswatini prepares for the 2019 SMM

8 Mar, 2019


Preparations for the Sector Ministers’ Meeting (SMM) are well underway in Eswatini. Working with the government focal point, SWA partners are planning some interactive activities which incorporate the preparations for the Sector Ministers’ Meeting in their national processes.

Partners plan an inter-ministerial dialogue to engage with the broad sector stakeholders on the theme of inequalities. The Department of Water Affairs engaged sector stakeholders during the data validation stakeholder workshop for the submission of information to GLAAS which took place on the 1 February 2019. This is an important link between the evidence generated for GLAAS and the preparations for the SMM where data is used for decisions to be made by policy makers and political leaders. The evidence and analysis emanated from this process will contribute to the development of Eswatini’s country brief which ministers will have ahead of the SMM.

The Department is planning to brief the ministers responsible for the sector on 6th March, 2019 and the focus will be on the following :

i) the Mutual Accountability Mechanism and the leadership needed to get all partners to table commitments in line with the national priorities;

ii) the progress made on country commitments which had been agreed at the end of the workshop on the enabling environment jointly organised between UNICEF and the SWA Secretariat in May 2018;

iii) the upcoming Sector Ministers’ Meeting and how Eswatini will use the meeting to achieve the principle of “Leave no one behind.”

An inter-ministerial dialogue is planned to be held in the first week of March to discuss the progress made on the preparations particularly on extracting and prioritizing commitments from existing processes. The meeting will also focus on preparations for the ministers’ presentation at the SMM.

A further briefing for the Finance Minister is planned possibly in mid March 2019 and will aim at engaging the ministry on the finance and economic development aspects of the WASH sector. Partners intend to keep this engagement of the ministry of finance active in view of annual budgeting processes as well as the subsequent SWA Finance Ministers’ Meeting.