6 case-studies examine how SWA is used nationally

31 Jul, 2018


In 2017, SWA’s Country Process Working Group  undertook country case studies in six countries – Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Malawi, Pakistan, and Zimbabwe – to look at the ways partners were working together at country level to strengthen country processes, and how these processes were supported or enabled by the SWA partnership.

The intention was also to advise the partnership on how it could maximize its impact in driving progress in the water, sanitation and hygiene sector, and how SWA’s activities (global High-level Meetings, webinars, tracking of sector commitments made by governments) were adding value at country level.

The case studies also examined how SWA’s Framework of Collaborative Behaviours for development effectiveness and fundamental sector Building Blocks, described in the figure below, was being applied in partner countries. This summary is designed to describe the main findings and the implications for the SWA partnership.

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