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  • Critical mass: An overview of the Mutual Accountability Mechanism at the Sector Ministers' Meeting


    [caption id="attachment_19084" align="aligncenter" width="567"] SWA partners draft commitments at the "Mutual Accountability Mechanism Kick-off Meeting" - Lisbon, 2018[/caption]   All SWA partners have been working hard over the last few months to prepare for this fifth Sector Ministers' Meeting. There have been many multi-stakeholder discussions across the SWA partnership to…

  • Blog: Connecting the Dots on Accountability and Leaving No One Behind


      By Amanda Robertson and Alayne Potter, USAID The Ngor Declaration on Sanitation and Hygiene first and foremost commits to “Focus on the poorest, most marginalized and unserved aimed at progressively eliminating inequalities in access and use and implement national and local strategies with an emphasis on equity and sustainability”. In…

  • Homegrown commitments – Pakistan’s approach to developing commitments from the bottom-up


    [caption id="attachment_20121" align="aligncenter" width="549"] SWA partners briefing The Hon. Zartaj Gull, Minister of Climate Change, on the 2019 SMM and the Mutual Accountability Mechanism[/caption] Pakistan has been a partner of SWA since 2010 and has been represented by the Ministry of Climate Change in the partnership. Pakistan has made significant…

  • Eswatini prepares for the 2019 SMM


      Preparations for the Sector Ministers' Meeting (SMM) are well underway in Eswatini. Working with the government focal point, SWA partners are planning some interactive activities which incorporate the preparations for the Sector Ministers’ Meeting in their national processes. Partners plan an inter-ministerial dialogue to engage with the broad sector stakeholders…