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  • Update from the SWA Task Teams

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    The Country Processes Task Team (CPPT) and the Global Monitoring Harmonisation Task Team are the two current SWA task teams.  The Country Processes Task Team (CPPT)   The development of a toolkit or resource pack to support countries and development partners to put the Building Blocks and Behaviours adopted by…

  • SWA’s Country Processes Task Team catalyses joint action to strengthen national sector capacities

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    SWA’s Country Processes Task Team (CPTT) was established by the Steering Committee in 2010. Since then it has contributed significantly to the evolution of the SWA partnership, initially through the National Planning for Results Initiative (NPRI), and more recently as the driving force behind the SWA Collaborative Behaviours, which now…

  • SWA partner WaterAid publishes study on progressing aid effectiveness in WASH sector

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    The study was commissioned by WaterAid to support the work of the Sanitation and Water for All (SWA) partnership. It aims to identify how monitoring efforts to address aid effectiveness commitments and related accountability processes at the global and national level can help to strengthen incentives to address WASH sector…

  • SWA at the GPEDC High Level Meeting: sharing experiences of effective development cooperation

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    On 16th April 2014 WaterAid – on behalf of SWA – facilitated a 1.5 hour Focus Session at the first High Level Meeting of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (GPEDC) in Mexico City, Mexico. The session was organised jointly with the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) and International…

  • Aid Effectiveness explained

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    IRC and the SWA Country Processes Task Team (CPTT) have produced an information package to help WASH professionals understand what aid effectiveness entails. The information package aims to support the sector to apply aid effectiveness and SWA principles in their daily work, integrating these in to WASH policies and practices.…